Happy New Year!

My hands were sweaty, my throat dry. I was in a cold shiver. I was tired and my eyes were sleepy, I hadn’t slept the whole night before. Why was I like this? Well, it was the first day of my new school! Changing school in 11th? Tough decision. Really tough. You leave behind a dozen friends, a million memories, your reputation, your good grades and even some boyfriends. You have to start over- make new friends, develop a new nice image, impress the teachers and score excellent. That too in 11th. It’s next to a nightmare for all of us, isn’t it? The first few days my parents told me they were changing my school for new opportunities and exposures, I was frozen. I shouted, I cried, I fought like a two-year child. but my parents were firm on their decision. Standing outside this new, strange and big building, I hated my parents, I hated my life. I didn’t want to go inside. I wanted to run back to my old life, my old friends. I wasn’t ready for a new beginning.The bell rung and I dragged my feet inside.
steel gate of brown brick building
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But after two years when I write this, I am glad I entered that building that day. that changed my whole life. it made me who I am today. it gave me some of the best opportunities possible. I am thankful to my parents for forcing me to go. I am thankful to God for that new beginning.
As new year is round the corner, I decided to write about new beginnings. Every year, you get new experiences, you meet new people, you learn new stuff, you grow up as a person and you live a new life. You make new resolutions, things you need to do that year. That’s why we celebrate New year so beautifully and excitedly. You get a new chance at life. You leave behind the hurt, regret, fear, sorrow from the previous year and head on to the new one. To make new experiences, new relationships and make yourself a better person. that’s what life is all about. Going through new adventures. Apart from going out to celebrate New year, eating delicious food, dancing, singing, and enjoying yourself, try to forget and forgive. Forgive the people who hurt you this year, forgive yourself for all your mistakes. New year is a new opportunity to be the best version of yourself. Take the good memories and leave behind the bad ones. That’s how you’ll truly celebrate a beautiful and enjoyable new year.
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To all my wonderful readers,

Thank you so much for taking time out and reading this. 

Hope you all have a wonderful new year, a wonderful new beginning.




Money Can’t Buy Happiness

The road was busy. There was too much traffic. Cars were beeping horns and Meera was in a state of anxiety. She was driving at full speed, she had to reach the hospital as soon as possible. Her mother had brain cancer and didn’t have much time left. Meera needed to hurry up. But how could she cross this traffic. As the clock ticked by, her fear and anxiety grew. In the past four years, she never spent time with her mom. She always had some or the other important thing to do to. She thought she had enough time. But now sitting in that car, in the middle of traffic, the clock ticked by, she knew she didn’t have much time, she thought of all the beautiful memories of her mother. How she taught Meera to walk, how Meera didn’t leave her saree on the first day of school, how sad her mom was when Meera scored low in her exam, and how proud she was when Meera got a job at one of the top companies of the world. All these memories made her eyes fill with tears. She regretted cancelling every phone call of her mother when she was in a meeting, she regretted ignoring her mother’s every message when she was busy working, she regretted cancelling every outing with her mother cause she had a busy day at the office. All this regret made her sick. Slowly the traffic cleared, and Meera was shaken from her thoughts and brought back onto the road. She drove as fast as she could and made in time to the hospital. She was able to see her mother for the last time and tell her how deeply she loved her. 
Meera understood the important things in life. She understood what really matters. Her job and the money she makes is really important, but spending time with her mother is more.
We all forget this at times, what really matters.
Money is really important in life. It plays a great role. This thin paper with different numbers on it is such an integral part of our lives. We work hard our entire lives to earn money. We ignore our loved ones, we ignore our health, we ignore our deep desires just for money. Since the day we are born, our parents fit into our minds that the basic aim of our life is to earn money. How else will we feed ourselves and our families? How else will we pay back to our parents?
People prefer boys over girls as boys can earn more. Money makes us independent. It shows our status in society. It helps us travel the best countries, wear the best clothes, eat the best food, interact with the best people. It helps us live a luxurious life. But according to me, one thing money can’t buy is happiness. We hear this often don’t we? It’s true, but to some extent.
Happiness comes from within. It has nothing to do with our external environment. If we are calm and content inside, we are happy. Inner peace is the key to happiness. It doesn’t rely on materialistic things. A person with a lot of money and luxuries won’t be happy if he’s lonely, or maybe he is unwell. Happiness purely depends on our thoughts, our actions, our way of looking at things and our way of living our lives. Happiness is an option.
But then, we have all heard-‘ money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy pizza, which is equivalent’. Haven’t we? Obviously, a life without money is not possible. To be happy, to fulfill our dreams, to achieve our goals, we need money. It’s one of the most important things in life. Though, not most important.
It’s important to understand that money is necessary to live a life, but there are so many other important things that we should not ignore. We have one life after all, isn’t it?
One life and so much to do. If we just keep running after money, how will we spend it?
So, don’t think too much while spending money, but do realize it’s importance.

To all my wonderful readers,

I know we have been not in touch since a long time. Well I had exams, studies, festivals and parties going on. Plus I became a little lazy. Sorry for that.

I promise we will be in touch regularly now.

Thank you so much for taking time out and reading this. 



Decisions Determine Destiny

Walking Alone .jpg

The road was dark, isolated and quiet. It was midnight. Maya was walking towards her home. Actually, finding her home. She had lost her way. She was scared and lonely. Her phone was dead and she couldn’t call anyone for help. She was going home after a party at a friend’s place. Some of her friends had offered her a ride home, but she refused as her house was nearby. She was new in town, she didn’t know many people here. Suddenly she heard someone call her name, she turned to look for the owner of the voice, but she didn’t find anyone there. She was so scared, she broke into a cold sweat and ran as fast as she could. She went back to her friend’s house and stayed there for the night. 

Maya had two choices that night- to be strong and keep walking to her home or to go back to her friend’s place. She chose the other, easier option. 

We always have a choice. Either Maya could have walked to her home and won over her fear or she could have gone back and stayed safe and comfortable for the night. 

Our choices shape our lives and make us the person we are. 

As Dumbledore rightly told Harry- ‘It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.’

It doesn’t matter where we are born, how we are born. Our choices decide the type of life we will have. Choices reflect our personality. 

Whether it’s a small choice of choosing between vanilla and chocolate, or a big choice such as deciding the university we are gonna study in- each and every choice is extremely important. We might not realize it now, but our every small and big choice makes a difference in our life. 

We have a choice of everything in life. We have the choice to choose our friends, the places we want to travel, the food we want to eat, the clothes we want to wear, the type of house we want to live in, the person we want to marry, the type of life we want to live. From choosing the colour of our bedsheets to choosing our occupation, we get to choose everything. But it’s up to us, whether we want to take the opportunity to make the choice at the right moment. Because once the moment is gone, when the opportunity is gone, it never comes back, we can’t live it again.        

We might not always believe it, but we always have a choice. It’s up to us to seize the opportunity to make the choice. We and we are only responsible for our choices and actions, and no one else. That’s why we should make every choice very carefully. Not under the influence of someone else, but according to our own will and desire. 

But our choices are always influenced by something or the other around us. When we are young, it’s our parents who take most of the choices for our future. As we grow older, our friends influence our choices. Sometimes, the celebrities and the entertainment world. But it’s very important to realize that we are only responsible and accountable for our choices. It’s our life and we get to choose how to live it. 

Also, one bad choice doesn’t mean we are failure. It doesn’t mean we should give up and lose faith in ourselves. Making mistakes only means we are trying. One bad choice doesn’t define us. It’s difficult to get up and move on, but it’s the only way out. 

Not everyone has the strength to make the perfect choice always. But we do have the strength to know what’s right for us, what we want. So sometimes not knowing the best for us is also okay. We should trust God and our instinct and go with the flow.

We won’t always make the right choice, but we will surely learn Everytime. The good choices will help us succeed and the bad ones will make us learn.


To all my wonderful readers,

Thank you so much for taking time out and reading this. 

Hope you all make wonderful choices in your life.



Change- An Inevitable Phenomenon

The sun shone brightly on the porch. The sky was filled with light blue clouds. It was six in the morning and I was wide awake in my bedroom. Well, I hadn’t slept the whole night. There was an unsettling feeling in my heart. The only thought on my mind was of how would my first day at my new school go. Tenth standard- it’s a very odd time to change school, but I had to. My family shifted and I couldn’t stay back as much as I wanted to. I was really nervous, my hands all sweaty and my heartbeat a hundred times faster. What type of school would it be, what type of teachers would teach me, what type of students would I have to study with, in what type of environment would I have to study- all these thoughts made me sick. I was leaving behind my twelve years of friendship and memories of my earlier school, and was about to start a new chapter in my life. This made me think about the importance of change, of starting over.

Life’s too short to live everyday in the same way. Change is the basic necessity of life. Though dreadful and uncomfortable, change is unavoidable. You have to change to get better, to experience better and to live better.


Imagine eating the same food or wearing the same clothes or watching the same tv show for the rest of your life, impossible, isn’t it? Then why are we so afraid of change? Change is to make or become different‘. It takes us out of our comfort zone. But it makes us better, stronger, and helps us experience something new. Not all changes are good, but the bad ones are even better. The bad changes makes us stronger, help us to adjust in any circumstance and prepare us to face every situation and hurdle in life. 

We have to change, start over and move on at various points in our lives. That’s incomplete without change. In order to break free from a bad incident in the past, we have to change. It’s not easy and doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time- days, weeks, months, years. But we make through it. No matter how much we want to hold on, we leave behind the previous chapter and start writing a new one. We leave behind our mistakes, regrets and sorrows, and start over. Through this, we come out even more stronger. 

Change in our surroundings and environment is easy to handle and cope up with it. For example- you change your house or school. Or maybe your physical appearance- get a new haircut or something. The change that is difficult to manage and overcome is the change within ourselves – the internal change. The change in our personality, our emotions and thinking. To break free yourself is the difficult task. Cause usually we feel what we are thinking, doing and the way we are, is correct and the best for us. But while doing this we realize that being the way we are is sometimes harming us and becoming a hindrance in our success. So, the realization and want for change is very important to learn. We have to learn to make ourselves comfortable to changes. 

Experiencing is the key to living a happy life. If you are the same person, following the same habits and doing the same work throughout your life, then you are just existing, and not living. To live is to appreciate and welcome every moment, every breath, every laugh, every tear with open arms. To live is to smile and make others smile. This is not possible without change. Every good and bad experience changes us. We get to lean something new. We get to enjoy and cherish every moment of our lives. So, don’t be afraid of change and don’t fear to change. Instead, take change as an opportunity given by God to become better and happier. 



To all my wonderful readers,

Thank you so much for taking time out and reading this.

‘Sometimes change can be scary but a life with no change at all is terrifying’



Know Your Worth

Shattered, devastated, Nimisha sat at the corner of her bedroom. Her beautiful brown eyes had become puffy and red of crying for hours. Her books and papers lay scattered across the room, books which had not been touched for days because she was not able to concentrate. She had her phone in her hand, eagerly waiting for one msg from Shekhar- her boyfriend or maybe now her ex. Nimisha had called and messaged him a hundred times, saying sorry, even though it wasn’t her mistake. Waiting for him to take her back into his life. Nimisha and Shekhar had been in a relationship for over two years, they were the best couple in school. Though, it was a toxic relationship. But she didn’t realize it, cause she was so madly in love with him, he made her feel like the prettiest girl on the planet. For her, it was all sweet and heavenly, even though she always took the first step. He never did anything. Still she felt, he did more than she could ask for. Last week, Nimisha had caught him cheating on her with some other girl. She was so heart broken and traumatized. They had a big fight and broke up. But it had not been even two days, and Nimisha was again calling and messaging him, saying sorry. She felt it was her mistake, that she got too harsh on him, he deserved another chance. After all, Shekhar loved her a lot. He made her feel so special, so loved. He meant the world to her. She couldn’t live without him, they were the perfect couple.


Stop running after people. Stop being the one who always takes the first step. The one who always calls first, messages first, says sorry first. Stop being the one who always cares more. In every friendship, every relationship, stop putting in all the effort. Sometimes, you just need to sit back and relax. Not chase people. Sometimes, you need to see your worth. Do you really mean something to others? Or no, you are just another pass time. Another toy, with which they’ll play and throw away. I know it’s difficult, to sit back and wait. Being the nicer person, you feel everything you do is less. Sometimes we need that particular person so much, we do everything we can to make them stay, even if it means destroying ourselves in the process. We feel we cannot live without him, that person means the world to us, but sometimes, that person is the stopping stone in our journey. Not everyone in our life comes as a blessing, some come as a lesson. Some don’t deserve our love and care. I know it’s difficult, to sit back and wait. But sometimes it’s the right thing to do and the only thing you can do. You have done everything you could, but now it’s time to see if the other person is really worth your time and energy. If the other person really believes in your friendship as much as you do. Whether the other person really realizes your presence in their life. People say- give and don’t except anything in return. But sometimes, when you give a person your everything, you start to expect a little. You want to feel wanted, special and loved. And that’s not wrong, that’s human nature. That’s science also – every action has an equal and opposite reaction, isn’t it? So don’t always be the person doing everything, cause everyone just doesn’t deserve your time, your energy, your love, most importantly- YOU. But a few people deserve it, deserve it completely. So wait for these few beautiful and amazing people to come in your life and make it worth living. Stop running after people, the ones who truly belong in your life will come, and stay.


Learn to love yourself. Take out time for yourself, take yourself out on a date, make food for yourself, take care and nurture yourself. If we start loving ourselves the way we are, we won’t really need anyone else.


To all my wonderful readers,

Thank you so much for taking time out and reading this.

I hope you all realize your worth and never let anyone take it.



P.S:- It was my first attempt at writing a short story at the beginning. All your valuable views and suggestions are most welcome.

Embrace Your Emotions

Last time I talked about freedom, and the various things that bind us, stop us from being free. One more thing that stops us from embracing and accepting ourselves is our emotions. More importantly, we not being able to understand, express and understand our feelings.

What are our various feelings and emotions? How do we describe them?  If you look up the dictionary, an emotion is a strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances, mood or relationship with others. We humans are designed in a way that we feel almost everything-happiness, sadness, loneliness, hunger, jealousy, everything. And that’s what makes us such beautiful and unique beings. This is what differentiates us from others. Or else, robots are just as fine- they don’t feel anything.


No feeling is good or bad. Each one has its own significance and importance. Personally, my favorite emotion is anger. But why, anger is supposed to be bad, isn’t it? Anger is something we should all hate and stay away from. Well, no. That’s totally wrong. If anger is a good feeling, then what about happiness. Is it a good one? What if someone is in pain or hurt, but we laugh at their pain. We are happy, but not cause of something good. Similarly, anger is not a bad feeling at all. It is very natural and comes to each one of us in different situations. The only thing wrong about anger is not being able to control it. And its the same as, all other emotions- jealousy, hatred, love. Emotions are not a problem, not being able to control them is. Our emotions and ability to feel make us what we are.


anger 2

Then why are we so afraid to let our feelings out? Why do we keep them inside of us? Why don’t we let out whatever we are feeling? As much as I know, expressing yourself is the most beautiful thing. It doesn’t make you weak. Instead, people who are not able to express themselves properly are weak. Because such people are not able to come in terms with their various feelings and do not understand why and what they are feeling. In order to cure an illness you have got to know that you are ill! Otherwise how will you consult a doctor. It’s the same with our emotions, if we don’t know what we are feeling and what’s the cause of that feeling, we will never be able to come in terms with the person we are and accept ourselves. And if we don’t know what exactly we are feeling, we would get confused, irritated and channelize all our emotions into one feeling, most of the time which is anger. In the long run, this will destroy us and the people around us. No feeling is bad. Every feeling has it’s own significance and reason. We should never be ashamed of our feelings and expressing ourselves. Instead we should embrace them.



To all my wonderful readers,

Thank you so much for taking time out and reading this.

I hope your emotions don’t bind you, and you learn to embrace them.




What’s Your Freedom?

It was a beautiful morning. The sky had an amazing deep blue color and a pleasant breeze blew my hair. I was sitting in my balcony with a cup of coffee thinking about the day ahead. Suddenly, a bird spreading it’s vibrant blue-green feathers came and sat on a big tree in front of me. She was such a pretty sight. But as soon as she landed, she got stuck between the branches of the tree. Her feathers got entangled and she couldn’t move. With all the strength the little creature had, she started to detach herself from the branch. But she was a little bird after all. She did manage to detach herself from the tree, but by the time she did it, her feathers had no strength left, she was bleeding all over, she fell off the ground and died. 

It’s not a big deal, is it… a bird dying ? But the thing that struck me was the way the little bird fought for freedom till her last breath, the way she struggled to get free. She died, but as a free creature! She was not ready to accept bondage. This reminded me of our freedom fighters- to whom today, 15th August, our Independence Day is dedicated to. Its because of them we are living in a free country as our will. They gave up their lives for freedom.

Is freedom so important? If it’s so important to a small little bird, then what importance does it hold in our lives?

‘Freedom is the right to act, speak or think as one wants.’ Obviously, according to us, we all are free. I myself live in a democratic country. We don’t have a monarchy to rule us. But do we use our freedom in the right way? We don’t. We let million more things control us. Tell us what to be, how to be, what to do, how to do.

From the day we are born, there are always people around us who we have to follow, who tell us what to do, and the difference between what’s right and wrong. When a child is young, it’s his parents and teachers that influence him. When he reaches middle school, it becomes his friends and the entertainment world. And by the time we become adults, we have fed ourselves a sense of what’s right and wrong. And there is no opposing that. Nothing else is to be followed. But who is it, who has made these rules? Everyone is different, has a different style of living, thinking and reacting. What’s right for one person may not be for another. But these ideas of morals are fed into our brains in such a way that we adapt a single way of looking at the world. And whoever goes against that, is excluded from our so called society. The world and the society is after all made by us. Its our thoughts, imaginations, beliefs and dreams that shape our world. Why let it be controlled by someone else? We were send to this planet called earth for a reason. We were given this life for a reason. Because God thinks that we are capable enough of living here and making it a better place. So, why waste this beautiful gift called life? Just as the little bird, some people have to fight to live. If we have this golden opportunity, so why not make the best use of it? We are free to do whatever we wish. Climb the highest mountain, swim the deepest ocean, go get that job, marry that person, make the best use of life. Our life is entirely ours, our freedom belongs to us, why let somebody else control it? Freedom-1


To all my wonderful readers,

Thank you so much for taking time out and reading this.

May you all break free from all that binds you … even the invisible cages.

Would love to hear from you … What’s your freedom?

With love


The Journey Begins

So, here I am, finally. After weeks of searching, I am officially here on WordPress, writing my first post. I am neither a great writer, nor a depressed person who needs to write out her feelings or someone who makes a living by writing. I am just a normal teenage girl, who wants to turn her hobby of writing into something good. I want to share my ideas, feelings and thoughts with the world and this is just a small step towards it. I won’t say I write very well, but I write what I feel. So thank you all  for joining me in this journey and here we go.

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