I wake up to the sound of my mother shouting my name and banging on my door. I am irritated, what on Earth does she want me to do at 7 a.m when my holidays are going on?Then it strikes me- today is my result day! Oh god! I jump off the bed and nearly stumble up on the clothes scattered on my floor(my mom is going to kill me for not putting them in the cupboard). I forget to wear my shoes and I’m about to leave the house wearing my most comfortable slippers when my sister reminds me of my school shoes. I get ready in a haste that morning, not because I’m late. I wake up at 7 every morning. But because I’m going to get my result today. It’s the most horrific day of my ninth standard, well apart from the day I had my maths exam on. But today’s not an exam, it’s my result! I would get the result of what I had been doing all year. As I’m about to get in my car to drive to my school, another horrible idea comes to my mind- what if I had fail? I had totally forgotten that we could get detained class ninth onwards. What if I had scored really poor marks and I was not going to be promoted to tenth like all my other friends. The disappointed face of my teachers and parents comes to my mind. But I brush away the thought and sit in silence for the rest of the car ride. Once inside my classroom, everyone around me is just as scared. No one utters a word. My hands feel sweaty. My throat is dry. The teacher calls my name. My feet feel stuck on the ground. Finally, gathering some courage I go up to my teacher to get my result. And I literally cry out in happiness! I had scored very well in all my subjects and yes, I was going to be promoted to class tenth.

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It’s not as if I’m a very bad student. I’m an above average student and I score fairly good every time. But still, I had the fear of failure. Failure is a word that scares everyone so much. People run away from it. No matter what you do in life, being a failure is not acceptable. If you look up the dictionary, fail means not being successful in something. So what if you are not successful at something the first time? You can always try again, can you not? Then why do we take this word so seriously? Why can we not just accept our mistakes, learn from them and move on? Why can we not accept failure as a part of life and a step towards success?

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Making a mistake only means you are trying. Not everyone will succeed in the first attempt. Not every student will score 90%. Not every politician will win the election. Not every applicant will get the job. Not every actor will have a successful film. But that doesn’t mean that those who don’t succeed in the first few attempts are useless. It doesn’t mean that they are not trying.

Even Thomas Edison tried 107 elements till he got tungsten for his bulb. Just think, if Edison had got demotivated by the people around him and stopped at his first few failures, we won’t be getting any light today.

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The society we live in emphasizes so much on the need to be no. 1 in everything that we often forget that the result is not important, the process is. Often getting burdened up by the pressure from the people around, we forget what we really are here for. We are here to learn and spread knowledge, not be in no.1 in everything.
Also, we get demotivated and demoralized so quickly that we aren’t able to use our abilities properly. We are brought down to this Earth for a reason. We have a purpose to solve. When that purpose is solved, our soul will leave this body and go to live as someone else. But we often forget our life’s true purpose and we either end our life before solving the purpose or lose all hope to do so.

But again, it’s not true that all failures have tried really hard but failed. There are some of us who don’t try at all. Maybe because we don’t get have the courage to do so or we just don’t want to do the job assigned to us. Let’s not forget though- we have a purpose to solve. Small steps are necessary to start a big journey. Let’s not forget to make our journey really special and memorable. Don’t think of any task as small or big. Every work has its own significance.

So let’s all of us try our best to succeed in everything in life and be no.1 in our eyes, not someone’s else’s. And if for some reason we fail to do so, let’s not lose hope and always try again.

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To all my wonderful readers,

Thank you so much for taking time out and reading this.Β 

Hope you all always succeed in whatever you do.

Also, all your valuable opinions and reviews are always welcome. They will help me improve my writing and give you even better articles to read next time.






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