Be A Soldier

The air around me was tense and cold. I was freezing. I could hear gunshots all around. There was smoke and blood all around. My heartbeat was ten times faster. The enemies were large in number, but we were strong in our intentions. You must be wondering where was l? A battleground? A video game? I was in the cinema hall, watching URI- The Surgical Strike. One of the most loved and appreciated movie this year. It was based on the surgical strike that India did in Pakistan in September, 2016 to fight back for the losses we had suffered. A team of around four hundred soldiers were involved. It was a successful mission with no casualties.

police army commando special task force
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What goes through our minds when we watch such movies? We feel immense hatred towards the enemies and great respect and love towards our own brothers who fight on the border. We become really strong patriots for a few hours, maybe a few days or even a few weeks. But then what? We start continuing with our normal lives and stop thinking about the soldiers at the borders fighting for us. Our parents grant us this life, but soldiers protect it. Our soldiers are responsible for each and every breath we take.

soldier near concrete pillars holding semi automatic gun with scope
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When our film-stars portray such roles on screen, we clap and whistle in the theatre. We cry and salute them. But how many of us actually even spend one minute of our day to think about the soldiers giving away their lives for our security. Our actors, whom we consider our idols and heroes get paid 3-4 crores for a film they do, but our soldiers don’t have a salary of more than 3-4 lakhs. I’m not trying to question how the country works. I’m just trying to make all my readers realize their responsibility as citizens for the country they live in. I am sure that each of you reading this article would pause for a moment and thank our soldiers. They are our real heroes. They give away their lives at the border while we are happily and safely living our lives here. While we are here crying over little problems we face in our lives, they are away battling with enemies.

two men in army uniforms with guns
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I don’t want you to become a big Patriot and a brave person overnight. We all can’t go and take part in wars. And we shouldn’t. The least we can do is learn from the people who do so. Learn how to be strong willed, iron hearted, focused, mentally and physically strong. Learn how to accept the bad times in life, face your enemies and be disciplined.

Learn to accept emotional losses as a part of life and overcome them. For that, let’s take a look at the family of our brave heroes. While they are away at the front fighting off the enemies, their families are here worrying and missing them every second. They are here making such a big sacrifice. Imagine not being able to attend someone close’s funeral, not being able to see your child for the first time, not being able to celebrate all the festivals with your family. It takes a lot of courage, strength and sacrifice. But our soldiers have a big and their own family- The country.

man in camouflage suit holding shotgun
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Moreover, realize your responsibility towards your country. It’s time for you to Be A Soldier by not fighting on the front, but repaying your country back by small deeds. Start being a little sensitive towards mother earth and our environment. Stop cutting trees. Stop contributing to air and water pollution. Stop wasting water. Start following the rules and regulations. Be a good citizen and respect the land you live on.


To all my wonderful readers,

Thank you so much for taking time out and reading this. 

Hope you all close your eyes for a moment and thank our beloved soldiers.





2 thoughts on “Be A Soldier

  1. You write so amazing blogs.Man!i love to read them and it feels like what you write you actually feel it and that is what makes the blog special.


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