Money Can’t Buy Happiness

The road was busy. There was too much traffic. Cars were beeping horns and Meera was in a state of anxiety. She was driving at full speed, she had to reach the hospital as soon as possible. Her mother had brain cancer and didn’t have much time left. Meera needed to hurry up. But how could she cross this traffic. As the clock ticked by, her fear and anxiety grew. In the past four years, she never spent time with her mom. She always had some or the other important thing to do to. She thought she had enough time. But now sitting in that car, in the middle of traffic, the clock ticked by, she knew she didn’t have much time, she thought of all the beautiful memories of her mother. How she taught Meera to walk, how Meera didn’t leave her saree on the first day of school, how sad her mom was when Meera scored low in her exam, and how proud she was when Meera got a job at one of the top companies of the world. All these memories made her eyes fill with tears. She regretted cancelling every phone call of her mother when she was in a meeting, she regretted ignoring her mother’s every message when she was busy working, she regretted cancelling every outing with her mother cause she had a busy day at the office. All this regret made her sick. Slowly the traffic cleared, and Meera was shaken from her thoughts and brought back onto the road. She drove as fast as she could and made in time to the hospital. She was able to see her mother for the last time and tell her how deeply she loved her. 
Meera understood the important things in life. She understood what really matters. Her job and the money she makes is really important, but spending time with her mother is more.
We all forget this at times, what really matters.
Money is really important in life. It plays a great role. This thin paper with different numbers on it is such an integral part of our lives. We work hard our entire lives to earn money. We ignore our loved ones, we ignore our health, we ignore our deep desires just for money. Since the day we are born, our parents fit into our minds that the basic aim of our life is to earn money. How else will we feed ourselves and our families? How else will we pay back to our parents?
People prefer boys over girls as boys can earn more. Money makes us independent. It shows our status in society. It helps us travel the best countries, wear the best clothes, eat the best food, interact with the best people. It helps us live a luxurious life. But according to me, one thing money can’t buy is happiness. We hear this often don’t we? It’s true, but to some extent.
Happiness comes from within. It has nothing to do with our external environment. If we are calm and content inside, we are happy. Inner peace is the key to happiness. It doesn’t rely on materialistic things. A person with a lot of money and luxuries won’t be happy if he’s lonely, or maybe he is unwell. Happiness purely depends on our thoughts, our actions, our way of looking at things and our way of living our lives. Happiness is an option.
But then, we have all heard-‘ money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy pizza, which is equivalent’. Haven’t we? Obviously, a life without money is not possible. To be happy, to fulfill our dreams, to achieve our goals, we need money. It’s one of the most important things in life. Though, not most important.
It’s important to understand that money is necessary to live a life, but there are so many other important things that we should not ignore. We have one life after all, isn’t it?
One life and so much to do. If we just keep running after money, how will we spend it?
So, don’t think too much while spending money, but do realize it’s importance.

To all my wonderful readers,

I know we have been not in touch since a long time. Well I had exams, studies, festivals and parties going on. Plus I became a little lazy. Sorry for that.

I promise we will be in touch regularly now.

Thank you so much for taking time out and reading this. 



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