Change- An Inevitable Phenomenon

The sun shone brightly on the porch. The sky was filled with light blue clouds. It was six in the morning and I was wide awake in my bedroom. Well, I hadn’t slept the whole night. There was an unsettling feeling in my heart. The only thought on my mind was of how would my first day at my new school go. Tenth standard- it’s a very odd time to change school, but I had to. My family shifted and I couldn’t stay back as much as I wanted to. I was really nervous, my hands all sweaty and my heartbeat a hundred times faster. What type of school would it be, what type of teachers would teach me, what type of students would I have to study with, in what type of environment would I have to study- all these thoughts made me sick. I was leaving behind my twelve years of friendship and memories of my earlier school, and was about to start a new chapter in my life. This made me think about the importance of change, of starting over.

Life’s too short to live everyday in the same way. Change is the basic necessity of life. Though dreadful and uncomfortable, change is unavoidable. You have to change to get better, to experience better and to live better.


Imagine eating the same food or wearing the same clothes or watching the same tv show for the rest of your life, impossible, isn’t it? Then why are we so afraid of change? Change is to make or become different‘. It takes us out of our comfort zone. But it makes us better, stronger, and helps us experience something new. Not all changes are good, but the bad ones are even better. The bad changes makes us stronger, help us to adjust in any circumstance and prepare us to face every situation and hurdle in life. 

We have to change, start over and move on at various points in our lives. That’s incomplete without change. In order to break free from a bad incident in the past, we have to change. It’s not easy and doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time- days, weeks, months, years. But we make through it. No matter how much we want to hold on, we leave behind the previous chapter and start writing a new one. We leave behind our mistakes, regrets and sorrows, and start over. Through this, we come out even more stronger. 

Change in our surroundings and environment is easy to handle and cope up with it. For example- you change your house or school. Or maybe your physical appearance- get a new haircut or something. The change that is difficult to manage and overcome is the change within ourselves – the internal change. The change in our personality, our emotions and thinking. To break free yourself is the difficult task. Cause usually we feel what we are thinking, doing and the way we are, is correct and the best for us. But while doing this we realize that being the way we are is sometimes harming us and becoming a hindrance in our success. So, the realization and want for change is very important to learn. We have to learn to make ourselves comfortable to changes. 

Experiencing is the key to living a happy life. If you are the same person, following the same habits and doing the same work throughout your life, then you are just existing, and not living. To live is to appreciate and welcome every moment, every breath, every laugh, every tear with open arms. To live is to smile and make others smile. This is not possible without change. Every good and bad experience changes us. We get to lean something new. We get to enjoy and cherish every moment of our lives. So, don’t be afraid of change and don’t fear to change. Instead, take change as an opportunity given by God to become better and happier. 



To all my wonderful readers,

Thank you so much for taking time out and reading this.

‘Sometimes change can be scary but a life with no change at all is terrifying’



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