Embrace Your Emotions

Last time I talked about freedom, and the various things that bind us, stop us from being free. One more thing that stops us from embracing and accepting ourselves is our emotions. More importantly, we not being able to understand, express and understand our feelings.

What are our various feelings and emotions? How do we describe them?  If you look up the dictionary, an emotion is a strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances, mood or relationship with others. We humans are designed in a way that we feel almost everything-happiness, sadness, loneliness, hunger, jealousy, everything. And that’s what makes us such beautiful and unique beings. This is what differentiates us from others. Or else, robots are just as fine- they don’t feel anything.


No feeling is good or bad. Each one has its own significance and importance. Personally, my favorite emotion is anger. But why, anger is supposed to be bad, isn’t it? Anger is something we should all hate and stay away from. Well, no. That’s totally wrong. If anger is a good feeling, then what about happiness. Is it a good one? What if someone is in pain or hurt, but we laugh at their pain. We are happy, but not cause of something good. Similarly, anger is not a bad feeling at all. It is very natural and comes to each one of us in different situations. The only thing wrong about anger is not being able to control it. And its the same as, all other emotions- jealousy, hatred, love. Emotions are not a problem, not being able to control them is. Our emotions and ability to feel make us what we are.


anger 2

Then why are we so afraid to let our feelings out? Why do we keep them inside of us? Why don’t we let out whatever we are feeling? As much as I know, expressing yourself is the most beautiful thing. It doesn’t make you weak. Instead, people who are not able to express themselves properly are weak. Because such people are not able to come in terms with their various feelings and do not understand why and what they are feeling. In order to cure an illness you have got to know that you are ill! Otherwise how will you consult a doctor. It’s the same with our emotions, if we don’t know what we are feeling and what’s the cause of that feeling, we will never be able to come in terms with the person we are and accept ourselves. And if we don’t know what exactly we are feeling, we would get confused, irritated and channelize all our emotions into one feeling, most of the time which is anger. In the long run, this will destroy us and the people around us. No feeling is bad. Every feeling has it’s own significance and reason. We should never be ashamed of our feelings and expressing ourselves. Instead we should embrace them.



To all my wonderful readers,

Thank you so much for taking time out and reading this.

I hope your emotions don’t bind you, and you learn to embrace them.




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