What’s Your Freedom?

It was a beautiful morning. The sky had an amazing deep blue color and a pleasant breeze blew my hair. I was sitting in my balcony with a cup of coffee thinking about the day ahead. Suddenly, a bird spreading it’s vibrant blue-green feathers came and sat on a big tree in front of me. She was such a pretty sight. But as soon as she landed, she got stuck between the branches of the tree. Her feathers got entangled and she couldn’t move. With all the strength the little creature had, she started to detach herself from the branch. But she was a little bird after all. She did manage to detach herself from the tree, but by the time she did it, her feathers had no strength left, she was bleeding all over, she fell off the ground and died. 

It’s not a big deal, is it… a bird dying ? But the thing that struck me was the way the little bird fought for freedom till her last breath, the way she struggled to get free. She died, but as a free creature! She was not ready to accept bondage. This reminded me of our freedom fighters- to whom today, 15th August, our Independence Day is dedicated to. Its because of them we are living in a free country as our will. They gave up their lives for freedom.

Is freedom so important? If it’s so important to a small little bird, then what importance does it hold in our lives?

‘Freedom is the right to act, speak or think as one wants.’ Obviously, according to us, we all are free. I myself live in a democratic country. We don’t have a monarchy to rule us. But do we use our freedom in the right way? We don’t. We let million more things control us. Tell us what to be, how to be, what to do, how to do.

From the day we are born, there are always people around us who we have to follow, who tell us what to do, and the difference between what’s right and wrong. When a child is young, it’s his parents and teachers that influence him. When he reaches middle school, it becomes his friends and the entertainment world. And by the time we become adults, we have fed ourselves a sense of what’s right and wrong. And there is no opposing that. Nothing else is to be followed. But who is it, who has made these rules? Everyone is different, has a different style of living, thinking and reacting. What’s right for one person may not be for another. But these ideas of morals are fed into our brains in such a way that we adapt a single way of looking at the world. And whoever goes against that, is excluded from our so called society. The world and the society is after all made by us. Its our thoughts, imaginations, beliefs and dreams that shape our world. Why let it be controlled by someone else? We were send to this planet called earth for a reason. We were given this life for a reason. Because God thinks that we are capable enough of living here and making it a better place. So, why waste this beautiful gift called life? Just as the little bird, some people have to fight to live. If we have this golden opportunity, so why not make the best use of it? We are free to do whatever we wish. Climb the highest mountain, swim the deepest ocean, go get that job, marry that person, make the best use of life. Our life is entirely ours, our freedom belongs to us, why let somebody else control it? Freedom-1


To all my wonderful readers,

Thank you so much for taking time out and reading this.

May you all break free from all that binds you … even the invisible cages.

Would love to hear from you … What’s your freedom?

With love


3 thoughts on “What’s Your Freedom?

  1. what a phenomenal outlook on this finer topic…truly stated about the sacrificing little bird…only a few can potray the real meaning of this day in such delightful manner..Youu go, gurlll❤️


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