Are Smart Phones Really Making Us Smart?

Last night we had a family dinner. We all were meeting after a long time. There was food, music and laughter. But there was one point where everyone was on their phone, talking to someone or scrolling their feed on Social Media. That is when I realized what I wanted my first topic to be- SMART PHONE: AN ADDICTION.

The first thought I have in the morning when I get up is- Where is my phone? I think a lot of others have the same first thought. Our day starts with a ‘Good Morning’ text and ends with a ‘Good Night’ text. I sometimes wonder that how can a 5 inch device has so much influence and control over our lives.

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Mobile phones were first made in 1973 for a very simple use- to connect people. At a slight touch of our finger, we can connect with people in different parts of the world. But with the advances in technology, we have a whole new world of apps on our fingertips. Apps for travel, food, shopping, writing, acting, posting pictures and just about everything.




Mobile phones were considered a blessing. But I sometimes feel, the way the present generation is using this piece of technology, it’s no more than a curse. I can say this with confidence because I am a part of this generation. We need our phone with us at every point of the day. More than ourselves, we are more concerned about the people and their lives around us. You won’t believe it, but this single piece of technology can lead to anxiety, depression and various health issues. Not just this, various game apps invented for fun lead to suicide! USA has some mobile rehabilitation centers for teenagers with an addiction with phones! What more proof do we need about the control this device has on our lives. For example, when I am with my friends, more than spending time with each other, we are more concerned about updating our status on social media. More than making memories, we are more concerned about capturing memories.



My mother says that my phone is my oxygen cylinder. I feel it really has become that. We can’t imagine a world without our phones, can we? After food, water, clothing and shelter, it has become the next basic necessity of our lives.



Though mobile phones are solving their purpose- connecting us to the outside world. But in an effort of doing that they are disconnecting us to the people around us.

Mobile phone is a dangerous and addictive piece of technology. If we don’t learn to control it, it would start controlling our lives.


To all my wonderful readers,

Thank you so much for taking time out and reading this. 



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